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Clay Flowers "Dok Mai Jark Dinh"

Traditional Thai Clay Orchids

Simple, Elegant and Individually Handmade Clay flowers call ‘Dok Mai Jark Dinh’ is an ancient traditional handmade Thai art. In Thailand, the art is passed down from mother to daughter as we in the western world would pass down such skills as knitting and crocheting.

In Thailand, the main flower you will see is the orchid. This flower is the inspiration for Thai people and is the predominant flower they make. Each family has their own clay with special ‘secret’ ingredients that are passed down generation after generation.

Twenty years ago Patty, a Thai woman fell in love and married Michael and both of them decided to move from Thailand to Australia. She settled down here, but after a while she became homesick and her husband Michael thought it would be good for her to go home and see her family. So Patty took a trip back to Thailand. Whilst she was over there, Patty rekindled her love of making clay flowers ("Dok Mai Jark Dinh"). When she came back to Australia, she had with her the clay and cutters used to make her flowers. 

Back in Australia now, Patty had completely covered her small home in clay flowers. It was then that she decided to share her love of Thai orchids by approaching The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. They were very impressed and were amazed at how lifelike they looked. Patty spent the whole year preparing for the show. Over the years, Patty has had much support from her friends Iris, Tina, Tracy, Yvonne and Renee and her husband.

The flower show was a success. People were so surprised to find the flowers were made of clay because they looked so real. Many people were interested to learn how to make them so Patty decided to organize her own clay flower-making workshops.

So here we are 10 years later, with the lovely Patty still busy making her beloved flowers and teaching the art to others. We have decided to set up this website to tell others about Patty’s artistic creations.